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Tel : 024 7685 6888

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Mobile Self Storage

Coventry Self Storage holds the franchise for Simply Store in Coventry. Simply Store is the easiest way possible to put your things into store (unless you hire someone else to do it for you).

Let us bring the storage room to your doorstep. You can load it in half the time, giving you the rest of the day to relax and enjoy yourself. We then collect your Storage Room and take it away to our local storage depot in Coventry for safekeeping.

Watch the video to see how it works

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Step 1: We Deliver the Trailer to You

Once we have loaded the empty storage unit into the trailer we then drive this to your home or business and park the trailer in a safe and convenient position.

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Step 2: You Load The Storage Unit

We leave the trailer with the storage unit inside for a pre-agreed amount of time for you to load. Inside each storage unit there are 15 removal blankets for you to wrap and protect your furniture during transit and storage.

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Step 3: We Collect The Loaded Storage Unit

We then come back to you and make sure the storage unit inside the trailer is safely secured with the units door or front closed. Once the paperwork is all signed off we drive away the trailer and then that's all your work done.

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Step 4: We Move Your Storage Unit Into Our Warehouse

Back at our depot we lift out the storage unit from the trailer and we carefully stack inside the warehouse. This system is far less work for you and very reasonably priced especially if you compare to hiring vans and all of the associated hassle.

The cost to bring a trailer to your house in the Coventry area per time = £45.00 inc VAT (Other areas surrounding Coventry can be quoted for)

Storage is charged at £50 inc VAT per calendar month per 35sq/ft mobile storage unit

Insurance is charged at £3 per thousand pounds per month

Access is £15 per visit

Coventry Self Storage
8 Padstow Road
Off Torrington Ave
Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 9XB
Tel : 024 7685 6888 between 9:00am and 5:00pm